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Citizenship in the Nation

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  • After reading, discuss with your counselor the following documents:
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Preamble to the Constitution
  • Constitution
  • Bill of Rights
  • Amendments to the Constitution
  • Name the three branches of government and explain their functions. Explain the checks and balances on each branch of government.
  • Outline the relationships between state and federal governments.
  • Do ONE of the following:
    1. Visit the National Capitol.
    2. Visit your state capitol.
    3. Tour a federal installation. Explain to your experiences to your counselor.
  • Name your two senators and the congressman from your congressional district. Write a letter to one of these elected officials on a national issue sharing your view with him or her. Show your letter and any response to your counselor.
  • What are five important functions of your national government? Explain how these functions affect your family and local community.
  • Discuss the main ways by which our federal government is financed.
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