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Family Life

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  • Prepare an outline and discuss with your merit badge counselor what a family is and how the actions of one member can affect other members.
  • List 10 reasons why you are important to your family. Review these points with your parents or guardians and with your merit badge counselor.
  • Prepare a list of your regular home duties or chores (at least five) and do them for 90 days. Keep a record of how often you do each of them.
  • With the approval of your parent/guardians and your merit badge counselor, decide on and carry out a project that you would do around the house that would benefit the family. Submit a report to your merit badge counselor outlining how the project benefited the family.
  • Plan and carry out a project that involves the participation of your family. After carrying out the project, discuss the following with your merit badge counselor:
    1. The objective or goal of the project.
    2. How individual members of your family participated
    3. The results of the project
  • Do the following:
    1. Discuss with your merit badge counselor how to plan and carry out a family discussion.
    2. After this discussion, plan and carry out a family discussion to include the following subjects:
      • How to avoid the use of drugs and drug abuse
      • Understand the growing-up process, how the body changes and making responsible decisions dealing with sex
      • Personal and family finances
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