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  • Collect samples of five different kinds of leather. Learn the chief characteristics and best uses of each.
  • Make an article of leather which uses at least four of the following:
    1. Transfer of a cutting pattern or tooling design.
    2. Cutting leather
    3. Decoration of leather by tooling or stamping.
    4. Applying dye and/or finish to the project.
    5. Punching holes
    6. Lacing or stitching
  • Recondition or show that you can take proper care of leather shoes or leather articles such as hiking boots or a baseball glove.
  • Do ONE of the following:
    1. Learn how to tan, cure, and finish leather.
    2. Tan or cure the skin of a small animal.
    3. Plait or braid an article of leather. Make a terminal Turk's head.
    4. Visit a leather shop, tannery, saddle shop, or a leather goods manufacturer. Find out how they use leather and report what you learned.
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