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  • Explain what orienteering is.
    1. Point out and name five major terrain features on a map and in the field.
    2. Point out and name 10 symbols often found on a topographic map.
    1. Explain how a compass works. Describe the features of an orienteering compass and their uses.
    2. in the field, show how to take a compass bearing and how to follow one.
    1. Explain the meaning of declination. Tell why declination must be taken into consideration when using a map and compass together.
    2. Provide a topographic map of your area with magnetic north-south lines.
    3. Show how to transfer a direction on a map to your compass.
    1. Show how to measure distances, using a scale on an orienteering compass.
    2. Set up a 300m pace course. Figure out your running pace for 100 meters.
    1. Explain a descriptive clue. Tell how it is used in orienteering.
    2. Explain how to use an attack point. Describe the offset technique. Tell what is meant by collecting features.
  • Do the following:
    1. Take part in three orienteering events. One of these must be a cross-country course.
    2. After each course, write a report with
      • a copy of the master map and descriptive clues,
      • a copy of the route you took on the course,
      • a discussion of how you could improve your time between points, and
      • list of your major weaknesses on this course . Describe what you could do to improve.
  • Do ONE of the following:
    1. Set up a cross-country course of at least 2,000 m long with five control markers. Prepare master map. Mark the descriptive clues.
    2. Set up a score-orienteering course with 12 points and a time limit of 60 minutes. Prepare the master map. Set the descriptive clues, and point value for each control on this course.
  • Act as an official during an orienteering event. (This may be during the running course you set up for requirement 8.)
  • Teach orienteering techniques to your patrol, troop or post.
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